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LENIN SUNDAR M et al conducted the study on the Flexural Behavior of Concrete Using Waste Paper Sludge Ash In this investigation Hypo sludge Concrete was made by usual ingredients of Cement Fine aggregate Coarse aggregate and water and Hypo Sludge at various replacement levels 10 20 30 and 40 percent of weight for M20 mix Keeping all this view the aim of investigation is the study on

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paper sludge ash due to its low calcium is taken out for our project to replace the cement utilization in concrete Due to the cement production green house gases are emitted in atmosphere For producing 5 million tonne of cement 1 million tonne green house gases are emitted Also to reduce the environmental degradation this sludge has been avoided in mass

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The large scale production of cement is causing environmental problems and also depletion of natural resources This research work demonstrated the possibilities of using waste paper sludge ash as partial replacement of cement in concrete An uncontrolled combustion process was used to obtain waste paper sludge ash WPSA as an admixture to ordinary portland cement of grade M43 and M53 in

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ash was detected during paper mill sludge and wood firing suggesting that the fraction of the volatilized inorganic species in the paper mill sludges was low Results from pulp mill sludge and bark co firing were different This fuel mixture produced a clear mass mode below µm presenting weight % 4 of the fly ash The condensed species included K Na S and Cl Their mass

A study on the potential use of paper sludge ash

This short communication focuses on the potential use of paper sludge ash a waste product of the paper making industry as an innovative binder partially replacing cement in concrete with glass aggregate After preliminary testing using binary or ternary CEM II mixes with paper sludge ash/pulverised fly ash a suitable mix for concrete with

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03 06 2022· Waste Paper Sludge Ash WPSA is a waste material collected from the Paper Industry WPSA is used as cement replacement in producing mortar and was investigated on its chemical physical and mechanical properties Construction material with natural resources now become limited and causes of air pollution and environmental problems WPSA becomes a new innovation material that

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In the effort to produce sustainable concrete considerable attempt has been placed on replacing the main ingredients in concrete mixtures with more sustainable materials with the objective to reduce the carbon footprint One of the replacement materials is waste paper sludge ash WPSA a local industrial by product generated abundantly by newsprint mills which possesses considerable

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 · Therefore waste paper pulp ash concrete is light in weight Water Absorption of Concrete Containing Waste Paper Pulp Ash The concrete water absorption test is the means of durability evaluation The cube specimens after 28 days curing were then oven dried for 24 hours at the temperature of 105 110°C and weighed and the average dry

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concrete aggregates RCA with different substitution of waste paper sludge ash WPSA as a partial substitute for cement [1 ] The findings demonstrated that the WPSA and RCA seems to contribute to the favourable concrete compressive strength Sumit A Balwaik and S P Raut 2022 studied the the use of paper mill pulp in concrete formulations the cement has been replaced


Alternative uses for sludge ash such as bricks and cement are an excellent option if a user can be found near the mill and if long term contracts can be acquired New products developed from pulp and paper mill sludge however need to have a market to make them economi cally feasible It does not make sense to develop and create prod ucts for which there is no market This paper explores

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utilize the waste paper sludge ash for the manufacturing of concrete in the construction industries for the replacement of cement In this works it is planned to perform the SEM and EDX analysis for the paper sludge ash obtained from paper mill It contains Volume On the basis of the results obtained by performing the SEM and EDX analysis it was observed that the size of

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 · The development of fly ash and incinerated paper sludge ash blend as a source material for preparing geopolymer concrete is presented in the paper The specimens were prepared with varying percentage of fly ash replaced by paper sludge ash under different curing regimes The compressive strength splitting tensile strength and bending strength values

Effect of incinerated paper sludge ash on fly ash based

Effect of incinerated paper sludge ash on fly ash based geopolymer concrete Table 1 Chemical composition of fly ash and paper sludge ash mass % Applied aggregates Locally available river sand confirming to grading zone II as per BIS 383 1970 was used as fine aggregate Its specific gravity was and fineness modulus was approximately

A study on the potential use of paper sludge ash in

DOI /0734242X18801196 Corpus ID 52922665 A study on the potential use of paper sludge ash in concrete with glass aggregate article{Mavroulidou2018ASO title={A study on the potential use of paper sludge ash in concrete with glass aggregate} author={M Mavroulidou and S Awoliyi} journal={Waste Management Research} year={2022} volume={36} pages={1061 1065} }


the sewage sludge ash consists of high amount of sulphur Hence concrete degradation due to sulfur attack need to be given more concern Meanwhile Monzó et al 1999 carried out an investigation on Portland cement that applied increasing percentages of C3A to study the influence of sulfur on the mortar However from the